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About us

The INNOVATIV SPECIAL TRANSPORT Ltd as member of the Innovativ Group is the expert of special transportation: from traditional, cooled and heated transport through waste and hazardous materials (ADR) till the transport of oversized and overweight goods. The high standards are garantied by our ISO 9001 qualification. Thanks to our own fleet, unlike speditors, we can provide solutions right away. There is no special need, that our award winning team could not solve.

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INNOVATIV SPECIAL TRANSPORT 9027 Győr, Vörösfenyő str. 3
(from Almafa street)
47° 40’ 57” N 17° 43’ 04” 0 Get directions
Monday-friday: 8:00-16:00 +36302603682; +36303176869
Warehouse: +36309466001;